Discover the Stoneman spirit in three different ways:

Gold: ride the entire stretch in one day, and stand proudly at the top – distinguished with the golden trophy!

Silver: take it a bit easier – two days, and the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and tasty food a bit more thoroughly!

Bronze: three days are nothing to be ashamed of, either, and leave the possibility for a detour here and there. The bronze trophy is a just reward!

Of course you can leave yourself more time, there just won't be a trophy at the end. As proof of completion you'll receive a starter card which has to be punched at certain points, and only with it can you win your trophy. Naturally you can start at our location even if you're not an overnight guest. In this case, we request that you register in advance, either by phone or e-mail.

STARTER PACKAGES / Overnight stays

Dependent on which option is chosen, you can get the suitable starter package from us, and of course also book an overnight stay.