We offer very good training conditions for many types of sport. Your sport isn't included? Just ask us, we'd love to advise you!

Aerobics: 300m2 dance studio with mirrors and music system

Acrobatics: 20m spring floor; 14m x 14m gymnastics floor; 2 mini trampolines

Badminton: 16 competitive courts with corresponding ruling, divided between 2 halls

Basketball: 1 competitive court or 3 training courts in one hall

Beach volleyball: 1 competitive court, 1 training court

Fistball: 90m x 60m grass pitch with 4 possible fields, 2 competitive indoor fields

Fencing: 2 pistes with display equipment

Floorball: indoor playing rink with boards

Soccer: 90m x 60m grass field, 2 artificial turf fields, 2 indoor halls, beach soccer area

Weight lifting: 12 fully-equipped lifting platforms

Handball: 2 competitive fields

Field hockey: 1 full artificial turf field (60m x 30m), irrigable; indoor hall with boards

In-line skating: in-line skating circuit; 1.3km circuit track throughout the terrain

Judo: 480m2 mat surfaces for 4 complete competitive zones

Canoeing: general condition training in the gym, 15 rowing machines are available

Canoe polo: installation available in the 50m indoor swimming hall

Bowling: 3 automatic bowling lanes, 2 competitive lanes with computers

Climbing: 9m x 9m climbing wall with overhang

Power lifting: weight training room with power lifting installations

Track and field: grass field with 400m Tartan track; 100m sprinting track; long jump pit; high jump apparatus; javelin throw; multiple forest running routes; hammers, javelins, shot puts, discs available in sufficient numbers; throwing hall for all throwing disciplines

Wrestling: 2 wrestling mats, 7 wrestling dummies

Rowing: general condition training in the gym, 15 rowing machines are available

Swimming: 50m pool – 4 lanes (shallow water and 2m deep), 25m pool – 4 lanes (1.80m deep), beginner's pool, wet seminar room, underwater camera equipment, 2 swimming ergometers

Cross-country skiing: 200m training run on the hard court, trail start at the premises, 3-15km around the Rabenberg

Squash: 3 squash courts

Dancing: one 250m2 dancing studio with mirrors, additional 250m2 dance floor

Tennis: 3 x indoor courts, 3 x artificial turf fields

Table tennis: competitive facility with 10 tables, leisure facility with 8 tables

Trampolining: 5 trampolines, of those 3 adhere to current FIG norms (4x4mm); Grand Master Exclusive Premium

Gymnastics: complete standard equipment, foam pit, 1 set of parallel bars and training bars, 2 sets of asymmetrical bars, one high and one low balance beam each, lounge, 20m spring floor, 1 vaulting table, 1 vaulting horse, 1 pommel horse, 1 set of rings, 1 horizontal bar, 14m x 14m gymnastics floor

Ultimate Frisbee: grass field, 90m x 60m

Volleyball: 1 main facility and 7 training facilities according to competitive norms

Water polo: facility in the 50m swimming hall