Our day begins the right way, with an abundant prospect. Fresh dark or light bread rolls, bread, a muesli bar, countless types of sausage, cheese and marmalade as well as fresh fruit provide something for every taste. We'll serve you with coffee, juices, tea and milk. Our culinary team is happy to accommodate special requests. 


For lunch, we offer dishes a-la-carte. We'll let you choose between a daily special or our pasta buffet with a variety of pastas and sauces. Of course, we also invite you to enjoy both. The menu lists regional specialities with meat and fish, but you can also experience the influence of Chinese cuisine here. Our salad buffet is filled with an assortment of salads. It's very difficult to pass up the dessert buffet with fruits, creamy puddings and other sweet dishes. Our team is happy to serve you with all kinds of drinks. 


After a strenuous, athletic day you can round things off with cold and warm foods at the dinner buffet. Various warm dishes, breads, sausage and cheese types, a wide variety of salads and, of course, desserts let you refill your energy reserves. Naturally you can indulge in a beer or a shandy, which our team will be happy to serve you. We'll also bring you tea, free of charge and in plentiful amounts. 


Alternatively, you can reserve a barbecue evening for dinner for your group. Four covered grill areas provide the suitable space. We'll provide you with steaks, frying sausages (bratwurst style), noodle or potato salad as well as additional salads, and of course the grills and coal. Guten Appetit, enjoy your meal!


Vegetarians will find ample possibilities at every meal. Our culinary team is happy to advise you regarding ingredients, and will prepare vegetarian dishes upon request. Please feel free to talk to us! 


Some individuals suffer from specific food allergies, or are lactose intolerant. If this is the case, please coordinate possible meals with our chef before your stay!